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Bearing Greases

Keeping your fleet in motion. Lubricon offers an extensive range of high-temperature wheel bearing greases, working to minimise friction and prolong the life of moving parts in a range of vehicles. Suitable for use in workshops and, large or small fleets, our grease keeps you rolling.

Regular lubrication helps to reduce wear and tear, keeping your overall ongoing maintenance costs low. Over time, wheel bearing grease will lose its lubricity due to excess heat or dirt ingress. Our company wants to help every business work at their very best, so we provide our premium lubricants at some of the most competitive rates in the industry, ensuring that there’s room in every budget to work with our quality lubricants. Make an investment in your fleet that will save you in the long run and consider how Lubricon products could support your vehicle.

The smarter choice for every machine

For speciality railway and locomotive applications, you need a purpose-made lubricant. The long distances, extreme speeds and high temperatures that locomotives are subjected to means that a comprehensive lubrication solution is needed. Please consult our technical department for more information

Lubricon makes it easy to find the products you need, offering a broad range of products specially formulated for each application. We proudly provide a range of high temperature wheel bearing greases designed to stand up to the most challenging conditions, providing extreme pressure load rating in a variety of applications. Corrosion protection and protect against bearing surface damage with specialty lubricants from our range, compatible with a range of materials including steel, bronze and white metal making them suitable for use with both vintage and modern commercial vehicles.

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