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Agricultural Oils

When it comes to the challenging environment of a modern farm, you need consumables that can keep up with demand and overcome the toughest natural conditions. Lubricon provides an extensive range of hydraulic oils tailored to needs of agricultural equipment. Whether you’re planting crops or clearing trees as part of a forestry project, ensure that every part of your operation is as good as it can be with our help.

At Lubricon, we understand the financial demands that farmers across Australia and around the world are under. With farm gate prices fluctuating from season to season, you always need to be looking for fat to trim without sacrificing the quality of your product. That’s why we offer our lubricants at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, helping every farmer on every budget keep their equipment in top shape and fully operational. Take a look at our range of products today and find something perfect for your unique needs.

Supporting your agricultural business

A modern agricultural or forestry operation requires the use of multiple pieces of complicated machinery. Ensuring the success of the operation means getting the most from every piece of equipment in your fleet, and to do that you need the right consumables.

Lubricon hydraulic oils can be found on farms across the country, in use in a range of hydraulic machinery from harvesters to trailers, seeders and forestry machines. Suitable for use in equipment operating at even the highest speeds, our range of oils are perfectly suited to the Australian workplace, keeping your machines safe in hot weather. With rust-protection built into many of our products, incidental moisture and humid weather are less likely to affect your equipment, helping you stay productive no matter the circumstances.

Discuss your needs with the industrial oil experts

Make the right choice for your organisation and choose from our catalogue of lubricants today. Contact Lubricon on 1800 645 764 or +61 3 9281 6222 or send us your questions via email at enquiry@lubricon.com.au and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.