About Us


Lubricon is an Australian owned and operated company supplying a complete range of superior quality lubricants. We have enjoyed strong sustained growth over many years from our commitment to providing “superior customer service”.

Our exceptional industry knowledge, friendly advice, ability to trouble shoot and provide solutions to our customers has seen us grow to become the trusted leader in industrial oils, grease, degreasers, Foodsafe lubes and oil absorbents. Our range does not stop here, we have a complete range of workshop and lubrication equipment making us a unique one stop supplier to our customers.

At Lubricon, we care and think for others.

Our People

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing people we have on our team. Everyone is treated like family, whether you are a staff member, a customer a supplier we care and protect each other. Everyone is treated with respect, helping people and families achieve a higher standard of living, their goals and advance their career path.

Our Culture

Our company culture is something that we have strived for and is envied today in our industry. The work environment and the atmosphere is vibrant and fun, its where people can be themselves its where people want to be!

Our Environment

We have a strong commitment and policies around protecting our environment by promoting the safe use of our products, with waste contained and disposed of responsibly.

We protect what matters! Our people, our environment and most of all our culture. We work with integrity. You can always trust us to do what we say and to do the right thing.

Lubricon plans to expand in the coming year into other industrial lubricant markets. We are continually looking at ways to add value to our current products and service. Additional products are being added as well as sales and dispatch staff recruited to continue our sustained growth journey while maintaining our “superior customer service experience”.

Lubricon make the effort to regularly donate to charitable organizations, particularly those that help people in need and organisations wanting to make a difference in other people’s lives.

At Lubricon it’s all about commitment and moving forward


Our Mission is to provide exclusive lubricants, where quality is the benchmark and superior service is priority.


Our Vision is to protect, preserve and prolong what matters!

“100% Australian Owned and Operated”


Service & Support

Lubricon is committed to providing a prompt and reliable personalised service, where stock levels are maintained and we meet our customers ongoing needs. We work together as a team, with one goal in mind – to provide superior customer service.

Direct from the Manufacturer

We offer our customers cost-effective solutions to enable you to grow and develop your own business. We go by the ethos that “quality lubricants don’t cost – they save”.

Reliable Delivery

We offer superior service where we despatch orders within 24 hours all day every day.

Quality Guaranteed

Our Lubricants are both ISO: 9001 (quality management) & ISO 14001 (environmental management) approved. They are registered with the API and are licensed to display the API service symbol on the products. We have many OEM letters of approval and have recently obtained OEM approval from Cummins, Volvo, Mack, Renault & MTU Detroit.