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Gear Oil

Protect your vehicles’ most crucial components. Lubricon is proud to offer an extensive range of gear oils suitable for use on gearboxes, transfer cases and differentials. Suitable for use in the challenging environments faced by businesses in the mining & earthmoving, agricultural and truck & bus industries, our gear oils help keep your fleet in top condition.

Proper lubrication is an essential part of any service. At Lubricon, we want to make it easy for every company to use market-leading lubricants on their fleet, so we keep our product range affordable. No matter what budget you’re on and what needs you may have, there’s a product in our catalogue for you. Take a look at our collection today and make the right choice for your fleet.

Providing the protection gearboxes need

Ensuring your transmission is properly oiled can minimise wear and tear and increase service intervals, delivering better performance for longer. The extreme speed at which the gears in a car turn means that any friction can quickly cause a build up of heat, potentially damaging vital parts of your vehicle. If you work in a competitive market, ensure that your fleet is up to the task with help from Lubricon.

We offer a range of mineral and synthetic gear oils, helping to protect vehicles of every design and configuration. With products suitable for use in automatic and manual transmissions, it’s easier than ever to find a lubricant that meets your or your customers’ needs. Browse our range today and discover something valuable for your vehicle.

The smarter choice in industrial oil & lubrication

Discover why Lubricon products are preferred by organisations across the country. Pick your products and get a tailored quote today. You can also call us on 1800 645 764 or +61 3 9281 6222 or email us at with any questions.