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Hydraulic Oils

Get the best for your hardest working machinery. Lubricon offers a comprehensive range of hydraulic oils, equipping every organisation with the lubricants it needs to keep its systems running. For all applications big and small – from earthmoving equipment to power-steering – our products are perfect, delivering the superior performance you need in even the most challenging conditions.

Lubricon understands that minimising your ongoing costs is one of the most important considerations a business-owner could make. That’s why we offer our products at some of the most competitive prices in the industry, making superior products accessible to organisations on budgets of every size.

Offering our customers more

We understand the diverse needs of our clients. Your operations require a tailored lubricants solution, and Lubricon is equipped to provide it. Hydraulics is an immense field, covering everything from excavators to industrial presses and fixed plant. That’s why we offer our extensive range of oils in a number of viscosities – including ISO 68 and ISO 46 hydraulic oils – as well as products suited for machinery operating in extremely high or low temperatures.

No matter what your job is or where it takes you, ensure that you’re got what you need to succeed and talk to the team at Lubricon. Our knowledgeable staff bring years of experience to the job, helping every customer determine the right product for their specific needs. Know with complete certainty that you’re getting the best for your operations and start a conversation today.

The smarter choice

Get a quote for everything you need in one convenient place thanks to our online store. Just add your chosen products to your digital quote and one of our friendly staff will be in touch as soon as possible. Any further questions? Call us on 1800 645 764 or +61 3 9281 6222 or send us a message via email at enquiry@lubricon.com.au and get the help you need.