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Transmission Fluids

The smarter way to service your vehicle. Lubricon proudly offers a range of transmission oils for use in tractors, cars, trucks and heavy vehicles, helping you get the job done. When you’re looking for consumables you can rely on, turn to our range.

If your fleet is an essential part of your business, ensure it’s in top working order. Lubricon wants more businesses to have the chance the use premium-quality consumables in their vehicles, so we offer our range of transmission fluids at some of the most affordable rates in the country. Whether you’re keeping a mining fleet operating in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback or need to know that your freight vehicles can go the distance, we have the solution. Take a look at our collection and find the product you’ve been looking for in the quantity you need at a price you’ll love.

Delivering quality transmission oils & fluids

Regularly changing or topping up your transmission fluid minimises the wear and tear that contaminants can create in your system, keeping your maintenance costs low and avoiding the chance of potentially violent component failure. In the high-pressure environment of a hydraulic machine, you need to be working with the best.

At Lubricon, we make the best easy to find, providing a range of truck, off-highway and tractor transmission oils in a variety of formulations. With both mineral and synthetic oils available, it’s simple to find a product that will take care of your system, providing class-leading thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and component protection.

The smarter choice in oils

Find the product you need in the Lubricon range and get a tailored quote today. You can also speak to our experienced staff on 1800 645 764 or +61 3 9281 6222 via email at