Morris Terrain CT – 10, 30, 50 Transmission Oils

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The Morris Terrain CT – 10, 30, 50 are a  transmission fluid is blended with high quality mineral oils and additives designed to provide the correct frictional characteristics required by Caterpillar in transmission and hydraulic systems.

Recommended for use in a wide variety of Caterpillar construction and material handling equipment. Applications include: powershift transmissions, direct drive transmissions, winches, final drives and certain hydraulic systems. It may also be used in Allison and ZF powershift transmissions, manual transmissions and torque converters where an oil of this type and specification is required.

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205Ltr – Morris Terrain CT10, 205Ltr – Morris Terrain CT30, 205Ltr – Morris Terrain CT50, 25Ltr – Morris Terrain CT10, 25Ltr – Morris Terrain CT30, 25Ltr – Morris Terrain CT50

Features & Benefits

  • Enhance temperature performance.
  • Superior resistance to oxidation, rust, corrosion and improved anti-foam properties.
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear characteristics ensuring maximum frictional material life in powershift transmissions.
  • Outstanding wet brake performance eliminating “squawk and chatter” and prolonging component life.


  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison C4 – All Grades
  • ZF TE-ML-03 – Morris Terrain CT10 & CT30 only
  • ZF TE-ML-07 – Morris Terrain CT30 only