Morris EP 85w/140 Gear Oil



Morris EP 85W/140 Gear Oils are mineral oil-based lubricants designed for use in a variety of transmission systems in vehicles, plants, agriculture, and industry.
These grades feature a high degree of extreme pressure (EP) additive, which protects gear against a wide variety of temperatures and shock loads. EP Gear oils also help to prevent rust and corrosion on moving parts.

Morris EP 85w/140 Gear Oil Features –

  • High level of extreme pressure (EP) additive that provides effective gear protection over a range of temperatures and shock load conditions.
  • Protect components from rust and corrosion.

Morris EP 85w/140 Gear Oil Specifications –

  • API GL5
  • ZF TE-ML 05A/12E/16D/21A (Approval Number ZF001670)

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