Lubex TrakTrans UTTO 10w/30 Transmission Oil

  • Optimum protection for your tractor transmission


Designed for a variety of power-driven agricultural equipment equipped with gears, transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic bearings, wet brakes, and power take-off (PTO) clutches, Lubex TrakTrans UTTO 10/30 GL-4 is a new generation hydraulic/transmission UTTO.

The application of Lubex TrakTrans UTTO 10/30 GL-4 continues past the farm gate. It will enhance performance in a variety of off-road applications, especially in equipment that puts a heavy burden on power-driven parts, such as industrial, construction, and off-highway vehicles. Additionally, stockpiles of lubricants can be decreased.

Lubex TrakTrans UTTO 10w/30 Transmission Oil Features –

  • New generation hydraulic/transmission Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO)
  • Designed for a wide range of power-driven agricultural equipment
  • Can replace three or more farm lubricants

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