Lubex MultiShift ATF DX3 Transmission Oil

  • Good shift performance
  • Superior anti-wear properties
  • Reliable friction performance


Multi-shift ATF DX3 is a Dexron® IIIH or Mercon® automatic transmission fluid designed for older automatic transmissions. It’s also suited for power steering, pump, and hydraulic applications, as well as gearboxes requiring other typical performance levels like Allison C4 and TES-389.

The automatic transmission fluid is put under more stress in today’s vehicles and transmissions. Multi-shift ATF DX3 is the product that meets the current standards for reliable friction performance, high-temperature stability, exceptional anti-wear qualities, low-temperature fluidity, and material compatibility.

Lubex MultiShift ATF DX3 Transmission Oil Features –

  • An automatic transmission fluid for use in older automatic transmissions
  • Provides reliable friction performance, high temperature stability, superior anti-wear properties, low temperature fluidity and material compatibility
  • Meets Dexron® IIIH or Mercon® performance

Lubex MultiShift ATF DX3 Transmission Oil Specifications –

  • Allison TES-389B and C-4
  • Ford Mercon® and XL-12
  • General Motors Dexron® IIIH
  • Volvo 97325, 97335 and 97340
  • ZF TE-ML 05L, 09L and 21L
  • TASA
  • Auto Trak II
  • BTR 95LE and BTR 85LE
  • Voith H55.6335.xx
  • Sperry-Vickers, Denison and Sundstrand hydraulic pump systems.
  • Power steering fluid applications and many hydraulic systems and smaller rotary air compressors.

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