The Lubex Multi-Purpose Lube is an effective, damp start and penetrating fluid with outstanding corrosion protection properties. When applied to wet parts, the chemistry of the product has a powerful attraction to the underlying surfaces which completely displace traces of water, making it particularly useful as an engine damp start.

It has been formulated with a very low surface tension which gives it excellent penetrating power and this, coupled with a superior solvent and lubricating properties enables the most inaccessible corroded parts to be speedily dismantled.

An aerosol version is also available with a short spray onto the affected part to displace any wetness and prevent voltage breakdown, allowing the engine to be started again, normally.

Lubex Multi-Purpose Lube Features –

  • An effective penetrating fluid for freeing all seized and corroded metal parts.
  • The residual oil film acts as a rust and corrosion preventative on the disassembled parts and helps reassembly.

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200Ltr, 20Ltr, 400g