Lubex MasterGear LS90 Gear Oil

  • Limited slip differential performance
  • Superior gear oil
  • Promote long component life


Lubex MasterGear LS 90 GL5 is a high-performance gear oil with limited slip qualities that improve differential performance.It is particularly developed to give significantly improved: Oil seal life, Durability (gear surface life), Yellow metal corrosion prevention in both wet and dry circumstances, and Limited slip differential performance.

Lubex MasterGear LS 90 GL5 gear oils are developed with oxidation-resistant paraffinic base oils and high-performance severe pressure and limited-slip additives to provide long service life for transmission drive lines.

Lubex MasterGear LS90 Gear Oil Features & Benefits –

  • Oil seal life
  • Durability (Gear surface life)
  • Corrosion protection to yellow metals under both wet and dry conditions
  • Limited slip differential performance

Lubex MasterGear LS90 Gear Oil Specifications –

  • API GL5
  • U.S Military MIL-L-2105D

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1000Ltr, 205Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr, 60Ltr