Lubex MasterGear LS 80w/140 Gear Oil

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The Lubex MasterGear LS 80w/140 is a high performance, extreme pressure (EP), automotive gear oil specifically designed for limited slip rear drive differentials, particularly those with the “cone clutch” design. It also has special friction properties to provide a smooth, noise-free operation with long gear life.

Recommended for the majority of limited slip, hypoid differentials, both plate and cone clutch, in rear wheel drive cars, 4WD vehicles and light trucks under all operating conditions.

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205Ltr, 20Ltr, 60Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Quiet shudder-free operation.
  • In-built special friction modifier system provides excellent lubricity characteristics for smooth non-stick/ engagement.
  • Long gear life as the EP additives control tooth wear even under high torque and shock loading conditions.
  • Rust and corrosive additives prevent damage otherwise caused by moisture formation, formed from condensation or by contamination ingress.


  • API GL5+
  • Ford FM2C-1006A/B, M2C-105A, M2C-104A
  • GM HN 1561, HN 1187, HN 1386.
  • BTR 5M-31 (SAE90), 5M-41 (SAE90)
  • U.S Military MIL-L-2105B