Lubex MasterGear 80w/90 Gear Oil

  • Extreme pressure
  • Improved gear surface life
  • High performance


Lubex MasterGear 80w/90 GL-5 Gear oils are superior GL-5 gear oils designed to provide: Excellent Thermal Stability, much improved Oil Seal Life, much-improved Durability, and much-improved corrosion protection to yellow metals under both wet and dry conditions.

All of these enhancements address gear manufacturers’, and vehicle and fleet owners’ rising concerns about these performance areas while using the previous generation of standard hypoid severe pressure drive train lubricants.

They are indicated for the lubrication of automobile, truck, and tractor differentials and other final drives, transfer and steering gearboxes, and manual transmissions, regardless of service severity. These are prepared with oxidation-resistant paraffinic base oils and high-performance extreme pressure (EP) additives to provide lengthy transmission drive line service life.

Lubex MasterGear 80w/90 Gear Oil Features –

  • Excellent Thermal Stability
  • Much Improved Oil Seal Life
  • Much Improved Durability (Gear Surface Life)
  • Much Improved Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals under both wet and dry conditions.

Lubex MasterGear 80w/90 Gear Oil Specifications –

  • API-GL5
  • Military Specifications MIL-L-2105D

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1000Ltr, 205Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr, 60Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Fully inhibited against foaming, oxidation and corrosion.
  • Contains sulphur/ phosphorous, extreme pressure (EP) additives which ensure that the oil meets all the requirements of modern automotive differentials, manual transmissions and final drives to operate at high load-carrying capacity at sustained high speed under high torque loading conditions.


  • API-GL5
  • General Motors HN-1181, HN-1187, HN-1386
  • Ford M2C-108A, M2C-105A
  • Mack GO – J
  • BTR (Borg Warner) 5M-36
  • Daimler – Benz 235/ 2F
  • Rockwell Standard 0-76-A
  • Military Specifications MIL-L-2105D