Lubex HyperGear SS 75w/90 Gear Oil



Lubex Hypergear SS 75w/90 GL-5 (Semi Syn) is a semi-synthetic gear oil with outstanding performance for use in gearboxes, drive axles and other transmission systems. These grades are particularly adaptable, since they may be used in a variety of API GL classes, allowing for grade rationalisation and a lower danger of misapplication.

Due to the Lubex Hypergear SS 75w/90 GL-5 Gear Oil’s semi-synthetic-based formula, it also offers excellent cold start fluidity, guaranteeing that even when the oil is cold, the oil circulates quickly across gear systems. Hypergear SS grades also feature remarkable high-temperature stability, guaranteeing maximum gear set protection even under the most demanding working circumstances (high speed/high load). These grades also offer rust and corrosion resistance.

Lubex HyperGear SS 75w/90 Gear Oil Specifications –

  • API GL4, GL5

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205Ltr, 20Ltr, 60Ltr