Lubex HyperCool – BC, BP Coolant



The Lubex HyperCool – BC, BP Coolant is based on a combination of organic technology, corrosion inhibitors that contains no silicates, borates, phosphates, nitrates or amines with conventional USA technology ingredients included for compliance with Cummins, Detroit and some CAT equipment which contain low silicate, nitrite, nitrate and molybdate.

This coolant uses nitrite base technology and is suitable to typical measuring techniques.

Highly recommended for use in heavy duty diesel engines and light duty diesel where the manufacturer suggests a hybrid type coolant.

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1000Ltr – Lubex Hypercool BC, 1000Ltr – Lubex Hypercool BP, 205Ltr – Lubex Hypercool BC, 205Ltr – Lubex Hypercool BP