Lubex DuraTranz CT – 10, 30, 50 Transmission Oils

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The Lubex DuraTranz CT – 10, 30, 50 are a transmission fluid designed primarily for powershift transmissions, drive chains, clutches and hydraulic systems in off-highway equipment manufactured by Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu, Massey Ferguson and others used in earthmoving, mining, logging, road transport and agricultural applications.

Recommended for use in all Caterpillar, Komatsu and other off-highway equipment powershift transmissions, final drives and marine transmissions. It’s also suitable for use in mobile hydraulic systems, hydrostatic transmissions, heavy duty manual transmissions and final drives for which heavy duty engine oils are specified.

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1000Ltr – Lubex DuraTranz CT10, 1000Ltr – Lubex DuraTranz CT30, 1000Ltr – Lubex DuraTranz CT50, 205Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT10, 205Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT30, 205Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT50, 20Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT10, 20Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT30, 20Ltr – Lubex Duratranz CT50

Features & Benefits

  • High performance.
  • Non-friction modified.
  • Heavy duty for use under the most arduous conditions.


  • Caterpillar TO-4
  • Allison Type C-4
  • API CF (non engine applications)
  • Komatsu Dresser (T0-4 10W) – Lubex Duratranz CT10 only
  • Komatsu KES 07.868.1, KES 07.802 (T0-4 30W) – Lubex Duratranz CT30 only
  • Volvo 97305-90 (T0-4 50W) – Lubex Duratranz CT50 only
  • Dana-Spicer (T0-4 50W) – Lubex Duratranz CT50 only
  • Eaton-Fuller (T0-4 50W) – Lubex Duratranz CT50 only
  • Rockwell 0-81 (T0-4 50W) – Lubex Duratranz CT50 only