Lubex DieselFleet Low SAPS 10w/40 Diesel Engine Oil



LUBEX DIESELFLEET LOW SAPS 10w40 is a Low SAPS, fully synthetic, high-performance diesel engine oil designed to meet the ACEA E6 and Euro V emission requirements. It can provide a multi-fleet oil for extended drain intervals. The Lubex Diesel Fleet Low SAPS 10w40 is ideal for truck, bus and coach operators requiring a Low SAPS lubricant.

What is Low SAPS?
Low SAPS means that the lubricant in question is formulated with lower levels of Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur than conventional oils. These oils protect against engine wear, piston deposits, oil foaming and aeration, soot, sludge, and high temperatures

Lubex DieselFleet Low SAPS 10w/40 Diesel Engine Oil features –

  • Maximum engine durability and truck availability through unsurpassed wear protection
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime due to Low SAPS
  • Reduced wear through state-of-the-art soot handling chemistry
  • Significant cost savings through reductions in oil and fuel consumption

Lubex DieselFleet Low SAPS 10w/40 Diesel Engine Oil Specifications –

  • API CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF
  • ACEA E7, E6, E4
  • EURO emission requirements: I, II, III, IV, V
  • JASO DH-2
  • OEMs: Mercedes Benz: Sheet 228.51, 235.27
  • MAN: M3477, M3271-1
  • Volvo: VDS-3, VDS-2, VDS
  • MTU Type 3.1
  • CAT ECF-1-a
  • Deutz: DQC IV-10LA
  • Renault: RGD, RXD, RLD, RLD-2
  • Scania Low Ash

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205Ltr, 20Ltr