Lubex DieselFleet DD40 Diesel Engine Oil

  • For Detroit Diesel Engines
  • Reduces oil consumption


The Dieselfleet DD40 CF-2 oil is a high-performance SAE40 diesel engine lubricant that may be used in turbocharged or normally aspirated engines.

Dieselfleet DD40 CF-2 oils are specially designed to maintain the greatest levels of engine cleanliness in modern diesel engines that require a monograde oil. An SAE 40 is necessary for Detroit Diesel 2 Stroke engines, however, it may also be utilised in commercial mixed fleets, mining, and construction equipment.


Lubex DieselFleet DD40 Diesel Engine Oil Features –

  • Bore polishing is minimal, while detergents and dispersants maintain the engine clean
  • Engine Cleanliness
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Ring stickiness is reduced at high temperatures



Lubex DieselFleet DD40 Diesel Engine Oil Specifications –

  • API: CF-2, CF, SG, SF
  • ACEA: E2
  • Mercedes Benz: MB 227.0, 228.0 blanket
  • MAN MAN 270
  • Suitable for use in Detroit Diesels

Please Note: Not recommended for use in any 2-cycle petrol engines or gas-fuelled spark-ignition engines.

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