Automatic Grease Lubricators



The LUBESHOT Automatic Grease Lubricators are a single-point lubricator designed to screw into a grease nipple socket or other lubrication point to deliver the correct amount of grease over a set time period due to its unique built-in programmable unit.

It can be used in almost any environment, market and industry including underwater applications. Recommended for pumps, electronic motors, waste water treatment, mining & quarries, conveyors, food processing, mills, ovens, elevators, turbines, compressors and cranes.

Additional information


120ml – LUBESHOT Multi-Purpose Unit

Features & Benefits

  • Rust, dent & corrosion proof construction.
  • Built-in programming mechanism.
  • Integrated blocked-line indicator.
  • Visible lubricant level.
  • 7 lubricant dispense rates available.
  • Submersible
  • Safe for hazardous & EX environments.
  • No disposal issues.