Ezi-Action Drum Pumps

  • Global phenomenon for a manual hand pump
  • Superior quality & durability
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Serviceable


The Ezi-Action Drum Pumps can dispense just about anything! From adblue, oil, diesel, acids, alkalis, general chemicals, liquid minerals, water, car washing chemical, liquid fertilisers, alcohols and sanitisers. Made from FDA compliant plastics – polypropylene and polyethylene makes it chemical resistant and safe with liquid food products. It performs a true double-action pump, delivering both the up and down stroke with continuous fast flow based on its innovative and patented pumping technology. It is easy to use and is fully serviceable with a 2 year warranty.
Widely used in different industries across the wolrd including industrial, food & beverages, janitorial, mechanics, truck drivers, agriculture, mining and more.

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Ezi-Action AdBlue Drum Pump – 1000L inc. 4 adapters, Ezi-Action AdBlue Drum Pump – 205L inc. blue safety lock & 4 adaptors, Ezi-Action Drum Pump – 205L inc. orange safety lock & 4 adaptors, Ezi-Action Drum Pump – 25L inc. metal drum