Morris Terralus BVG – 32, 46, 68

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The Morris Terralus BVG environmentally sensitive hydraulic fluids (HETG Type) are a line of biodegradable hydraulic fluids designed to fulfil the needs of hydraulic systems in industrial, horticultural, and earth moving equipment. This mineral oil-free range was created to address concerns about spills, leaks, and total system losses that commonly occur as a result of ruptured hoses on hard-working hydraulic equipment. This is especially essential if hydraulic equipment is being used in areas where soil or water pollution may occur.

In addition to the issue of mineral oil pollution, new data suggests that zinc anti-wear compounds in traditional hydraulic oils may have long-term negative environmental consequences. Zinc and other heavy metals are totally absent from Terralus BVG Hydraulic Oils. Terralus BVG Hydraulic Oils function similarly to their mineral counterparts in usage and, in some cases, outperform them. The foundation is made up of a mix of natural and synthetic ester compounds with high natural lubricity and film strength.

The Morris Terralus BVG have been designed to provide low wear performance over a wide temperature range, and the low pour point ensures thorough lubrication in cold start-up situations. These additives help with start-up in sub-zero temperatures by protecting against wear, oxidation, rust, corrosion, foam, and improving the pour point.

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