Morris Synthetic Chain Lubricant S3403

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S-3403 is a special synthetic chain lubricant specifically designed and manufactured for use in high temperatures and other adverse conditions where conventional lubricants would fail. It is a blend of polyisobutylene, esters and performance-enhancing additives that have excellent thermal stability at elevated temperatures, combined with low volatility and high oxidation resistance. S-3403 continues to provide excellent lubrication at the extremes of its working range for long periods, even with rapid temperature fluctuations.

The Morris Synthetic Chain Lubricant S3403 has a very low acid value, high degree of inertness, is unaffected by smoke and the latest development is a low odour formulation that is resistant to fumes and corrosive atmospheres. S-3403 is also very resistant to water washing and hydrolysis.

Morris Synthetic Chain Lubricant S3403 Features & Benefits

  • Excellent high temperature.
  • Excellent thermal stability.
  • High oxidation resistance.
  • Low volatility.
  • Low odour.

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