Morris Supergrind CG

  • Cobalt compatible
  • Pro-longs tool life
  • Excellent finish

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Cobalt is found in considerable quantities in hard metals such as tungsten carbide. Cobalt has been demonstrated to be a health threat to machine workers when discharged into the workplace. When carbides are ground in typical synthetic grinding fluids, Cobalt is released into the fluid and accumulates in dangerous amounts. To prevent such amounts from being present in the fluid, a specialised product is necessary.

The Morris Supergrind CG is a specifically created water-miscible fluid that is devoid of boron, amines, and nitrite and is meant to counteract this action and prevent or inhibit Cobalt dissolution.

When used as indicated, the Morris Supergrind CG can reduce dissolved cobalt levels to extremely low levels (a fraction of a part per million in solution), protecting the operative from damage. Low Cobalt dissolving rates result in extended fluid life and a safer working environment for operators. Cobalt levels in the fluid should be checked on a regular basis and kept below the range declared safe by the authorities.

Morris Supergrind CG Features & Benefits

  • Specialist fluid for all forms of carbide tooling.
  • High corrosion protection.
  • Suppresses cobalt leaching.
  • Biostable.
  • Good operator visibility.
  • Rapid release of fines.

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