Morris Superclean KD150 System Cleaner

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The Morris Superclean KD150 is a one-of-a-kind blend of powerful cleaning agents and bactericides and fungicides. It’s designed to clean clogged metalworking fluid systems and may be used in either central systems or individual machine tanks.

Recommended Treat Rate: 1% of sump volume for mild contamination, 2% of sump volume for moderate contamination and 3% of sump volume for severe contamination.

System Overhaul: If a machine has become very fouled, in-situ cleaning whilst production continues is no longer feasible. In these circumstances, the sump should be drained and cleaned out as comprehensively as possible; half-filled with clean water and 2-3% of Morris Superclean KD150 and circulate the system for several hours

Note: If spoiled coolant is simply dumped and the system is not adequately cleaned, the new coolant will rapidly become infected and spoilage may start within a few hours.

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