Lubex NeatCut Ultra HD

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The Lubex NeatCut Ultra HD is a transparent, high quality, neat-cutting oil, low in viscosity and enhanced by the addition of a natural ester based extreme pressure (EP) additive and anti-wear additives. It is chlorine-free for a more environmentally friendly workplace.

It has been designed for high speed machining of free-cutting steels and all non-ferrous metals on single and multiple spindle automatics where dependably fine finishes and extended tool life are important. Recommended for use as a general-purpose cutting fluid in repetition engineering applications and for product rationalization to eliminate confusion of which oil to use.


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205Ltr, 20Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Dependably fine finishes and extended tool life.
  • Sulfur-free to eliminate any smelly sulfurized odours.
  • Chlorine-free for cost savings in plant.
  • Cleaner waste effluent when parts must be cleaned.
  • No chlorinated oils which are considered health and environmental hazards.
  • Low viscosity reduces drag out ensuring lower consumption.