Lubex Maxisol EPNC

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The Lubex Maxisol EPNC is a general purpose, extreme pressure (EP), mineral oil that is chlorine, nitrite, cobalt and boron-free and an emulsifiable metal working/ cutting fluid which forms a stable milky white emulsion when added to water. The absence of silicone eliminates the possibility of “fish eyeing” in subsequent processes such as painting, anodizing and powder coating.

Water soluble cutting oils are used in operations where the necessity for good cooling outweighs the need for lubrication. An intrinsic characteristic of the Lubex Maxisol EPNC is its in-built protection against bacteria. This is more effective and longer lasting than the proteos offered by added bactericides.

Recommended for use in Parts Water (parts oil), machining (mild steel & brass 20:1/ medium Steels 15:1/ hard steels 10:1/ aluminium 25:1/ grinding 50:1/ rolling 10:1 suggested as a starting point) and rust protection due its superior anti-corrosive properties. 40:1 solution of Maxisol EPNC can be used as temporary rust protection for mild steels in inside storage for up to 4 weeks.


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205Ltr, 20Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Superior anti-rust & anti-corrosion.