Lubex Brick & Clay Release Oil

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The Lubex Brick & Clay Release Oil is suitable for any kind of form or form liner (except expanded polystyrene) from hardened concrete. It forms liners to strip easily and cleanly as well as help eliminate bug holes and stains. Recommended for use on pallets and equipment that contact concrete.


  • Although subfreezing temperatures have no effect on the releasing action of the Lubex Brick & Clay Release Oil, temperatures below freezing promote thicker film thicknesses which causes more bug holes.
  • Some black rubber forms will degrade rapidly when used with this product.
  • On B-B plywood, be sure plywood surfaces are saturated especially on first use.
  • Overspray on adjacent hard surface materials is not harmful if removed within 24 hours. Remove overspray with a common degreaser.
  • Do not use this product on expanded polystyrene (foam) form liners.

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205Ltr, 20Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Rust protection for steel forms and equipment.
  • Helps produce CCS 1 or CCS 2.
  • Eliminates bug holes, even with superplasticizer concrete.
  • Promotes easy stripping, especially when applied in an ultra-thin film.
  • Promotes easy clean-up of forms.
  • Is non-staining.
  • Will not transfer to the concrete surface – adhesion of caulks, paints or coatings is not affected.
  • Does not effloresce.
  • Can be applied in sub-freezing or very hot temperatures.
  • Does not “kill” concrete surfaces.
  • Helps minimise clean-up of equipment including concrete buckets & mixers limitations.