Lubex Copper Anti-Seize Grease

  • Type: Bentone
  • Colour: Bronze
  • NLGI: 1.5

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The Lubex Copper is a lead-free, anti-seize, compound grease made from high quality mineral oils, non-soap thickener incorporating copper powder and graphite.

The excellent anti-seize properties makes it ideal for lubricating brake linkages. It’s recommended as a thread lubricant on studs, pipes, casings and whenever eventual disassembly must proceed smoothly. It can be used with confidence
on the threads of pipes that carry very hot and corrosive liquids or gases, where it assists sealing and allows trouble-free disassembly including pipe fittings and valves in the chemical, petrochemical, gas and drilling industries.

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180kg, 2.5kg, 20kg, 500g

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents seizure and galling during assembly and therefore reduces assembly time.
  • Enables the easy dismantling of components subjected to high temperatures.
  • Provides an effective anti-seize in saturated conditions including chemical environments and salt water.