Morris Lodexol MTF 75w/80



The Morris Lodexol MTF 75w/80 is a high performance, extreme pressure (EP) gear oil formulated and optimised for use in automotive gearboxes.

The powerful EP chemistry protects gear and syncro elements over a wide range of operating conditions, including extreme shock load conditions. This also ensures that all components, including bearings are rust and corrosion free.

Recommended for use in manual gearboxes, automated manual gearboxes (AMTs), semiautomatic gearboxes, transaxles and transfer boxes, where a gear oil of this type and viscosity grade is specified.

Manufacturers include: Alpha Romeo, BMW (incl. Mini), Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Daewoo, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot (incl. Dacia), Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Smart, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo etc.

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25Ltr, 5Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • It has outstanding cold start fluidity, ensuring fast circulation around gear systems, even at low temperatures. This will ensure positive and problem-free gear selection even when the gearbox is cold.
  • Exceptionally good high temperature stability ensuring maximum gear set protection, even under prolonged arduous operation.


  • API GL4
  • Ford WSS-M2C186-A