Lubex MasterGear 75w/80



Lubex Mastergear 75/80 (GL-4) is an API GL-4 gear lubricant designed specifically for manual gearboxes and transaxles, automobile axles with hypoid gears under low to moderate loads, and spiral bevel gears under moderate to severe pressures.

Lubex Mastergear 75/80 (GL-4) is a low viscosity oil that helps to reduce shift baulking at low temperatures and excessive noise when the oil is heated. Transmissions and drive lines are designed with oxidation-resistant, severely hydro-treated base oils and high-performance extreme pressure additives to guarantee long service life. Mastergear 75/80’s “stay on” properties showcase successfully quiet transmission drive line noise tendencies in low-speed high torque, high-speed low torque, and shock loading circumstances.

Lubex MasterGear 75w/80 Features & Benefits –

  • Oil Seal Life
  • Durability (Gear Surface Life)
  • Corrosion Protection to Yellow Metals under both Wet and Dry conditions
  • Limited slip differential performance

Lubex MasterGear 75w/80 Specifications –

  • API: GL-4
  • ZF TE-ML 08

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205Ltr, 20Ltr, 60Ltr


SDS Sheet – Lubex MasterGear 75w/80