Morris Lodexol XFS 80w/140 Gear Oil



The Morris Lodexol XFS 80w/140 is a full synthetic gear oil that has been formulated with high levels of extreme pressure (EP) additives and friction modifiers to protect the critical mechanisms of limited slip differentials.

It is based on synthetic oil technology and will protect limited slip differentials fitted to high performance cars (including BMW, Morgan, TVR and Aston Martin) and motorsport models. It may be used in variety of automotive, agricultural and heavy duty designs with limited slip differential or drive axle where a SAE 80W-140 or API GL5 lubricant is required.

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1Ltr, 205Ltr, 25Ltr, 5Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • High load carrying capability.
  • Protects against rust and corrosion.
  • Low foaming tendency.
  • Shock loading occurs when one of the driven wheels loses traction and the differential locks redistributing the drive equally. Standard API GL5 gear oils are unable to cope with this extreme condition and therefore it’s necessary to use a proper limited slip differential oil to promote long gear life.


  • API GL-5+
  • Military Specifications MIL-L-2105D