KAJO-BIO-Railgrease 601


Switch systems, bogies and rails present the most critical lubrication points in the rail sector. All components are subject to severe loads and environmental impacts. Vibrations and friction lead to noise emission and shortened lifetime.

Advantages :

KAJO-BIO-Railgrease 601 is easily biodegradable, made from an inorganic thickener (gel) and synthetic ester. It reduces noise emission and guarantees persistence of the lubricated components. This product was developed to reduce friction and wear at any critical component. It contains sufficient active agents for wear and corrosion protection. It 601 is suitable for all-season lubrication of switch systems and can easily be applied with spraying devices. It is both simple to handle and perfectly applicable with central lubricating systems.

KAJO-BIO-Railgrease 601 is field-tested and fit for purpose.


  • Colour : Ochre yellow
  • Base oil : synthetic Ester
  • Thickener : gel
  • Density at 20°C : 916 kg/m³
  • Dynamic Viscosity at 25°C : 125 – 175 mPas
  • Filterability 400 μm : pass
  • Operating temperature range : -30 bis + 120°C
  • Part of renewable raw materials : 90%


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