The Oil Safe® system helps companies with their oil, lube storage and dispensing. This great initiative to replace old contaminated containers with the Oil Safe® system will keep your fluids clean and help eliminate costly contamination.

There are 10 lid colors available – yellow, beige, orange, red, purple, blue, mid green, dark green, black and grey.  This colour-coded fluid managment system will assist in lubricants being quickly identified and reducing the risk of adding the wrong fluid to expensive equipment.

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Oilsafe – Mini Spout Lids, Oilsafe – Oil Drums, Oilsafe – Oil Extensions, Oilsafe – Oil Pumps, Oilsafe – Storage Lids, Oilsafe – Stretch Spout Lids, Oilsafe – Stumpy Spout Lids, Oilsafe – Utility Lids

Features & Benefits

  • Bright colors make oil safe dispensers easy to find and easy to color code lubricants.
  • Quick twist spout is easy to open and close.
  • Push button auto shutoff air intake enables smooth pouring of lubricants.
  • Robust lid design for easier handling.
  • See through drums with graduated markings in both liter and US quarts make it easy to see and measure levels.
  • Fully interchangeable drums and lids, any style lid works with any size drum.
  • Improves OSHA compliance