Morris Multi-System Central Hydraulic Fluid

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The Morris Multi-System Central Hydraulic Fluid is a high-performance synthetic formulation hydraulic fluid for use in applications and vehicle systems that need CHF 11S and CHF 202 fluids, both of which are registered trademarks of Deutsche Pentosin-Werke GmbH. This product can also be utilised in any situation where LHM Plus fluid is required. The product has an exceptional performance profile that allows it to be used in a wide variety of climatic temperatures and automotive systems running at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 130°C.

Morris Multi-System Central Hydraulic Fluid is recommended for use in self-levelling suspensions, power steering, stability and traction controls, hydraulically operated clutches, electro-hydraulic systems on convertibles and certain central locking mechanisms.

Cautionary Note:

Always follow vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations when adding Multi-System Central Hydraulic Fluid. Check vehicle handbook if in doubt.
This product is not compatible with rubber components designed for use with DOT Brake Fluids — topping up with the wrong fluid may result in complete system failure.
Keep clean, as contamination with dirt, water or other materials may result in system failure or costly repairs.
Store product only in its original container, keeping the container clean and tightly closed. Do not re-fill container or use for other fluids.

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  • ISO 7308