Lubex Hypersyn C2 5w/30

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Lubex Hypersyn C2 5w/30 is a completely synthetic, low to mid SAPS, extremely high-performance engine oil that complies with the ACEA C2 standard of performance. It combines the most recent advancements in oil formulation and additive technology to create a lubricating oil that provides the highest level of protection while also promoting fuel efficiency in modern low-friction engines found in high-performance cars and light vans that run on diesel and gasoline.

Lubex Hypersyn C2 5w/30 is a stable, stay-in-grade catalyst compatible oil designed for use in automobile and light van diesel engines with catalytic converter exhaust systems at extended drain intervals. These engines will be built to use a low friction, low viscosity oil with a minimum viscosity of 2.9 mPa-s for High Temperature / High Shear Rate (HTHS).

Lubex Hypersyn C2 5w/30 Features –

  • Full synthetic, low to mid SAPS, super high-performance engine oil
  • Catalytic converter protection and fuel efficiency
  • Meets the latest 2012 edition of the ACEA specifications
  • Meets today’s demands of reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency
  • Longer drain intervals
  • Better fuel economy
  • Longer life for catalytic exhaust systems
  • Preserved performance of DPF and TWC filter systems

Lubex Hypersyn C2 5w/30 Specifications –

  • ACEA: C2

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205Ltr, 20Ltr


  • API: SN/CF
  • ACEA: C2
    Note: Also available in 0w/30