Lubex Autolube 15w/50 & 20w/50

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The Lubex Autolube 15w/50 & 20w/50 are a multi-functional, new generation, high performance petrol/ diesel crankcase oil which meets and exceeds the requirements of an SL/ CF/ CFA engine oil.

Recommended for all petrol, diesel and LPG engine vehicles manufactured from 2001 specifying a 15w/50 grade engine oil, including those vehicles fitted with turbo chargers. It can also be used in LPG fueled vehicles and diesel engines where API CF performance is specified.

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205Ltr – Lubex Autolube 15w/50, 205Ltr – Lubex Autolube 20w/50, 20Ltr – Lubex Autolube 15w/50, 20Ltr – Lubex Autolube 20w/50, 60Ltr – Lubex Autolube 20w/50

Features & Benefits

  • It assists in maintaining engine cleanliness in all engines using leaded, unleaded and LPG fuels.
  • It provides exceptional anti-wear protection compared to lower specification oils.


  • ACEA A2-98
  • Ford ESE-M2C153E
  • Daimler BENZ DB 226.1
  • CCMC-G4. D4, PD-2
  • U.S Military MIL-L-46152E, 2104B
  • API SL/ CF – Lubex Autolube 15w/50
  • API SL/ CF-4/ CF – Lubex Autolube 20w/50