Lubex Autolube 15w/50 Crankcase Oil

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LUBEX Autolube 15/50 (SM/CF4) is a multi-functional new generation high-performance 15W-50 petrol/diesel crankcase oil blended from severely hydrotreated virgin base oils and the highest quality additives, which meets or exceeds the requirements of an SM/CF engine oil. It assists in maintaining engine cleanliness in all engines using led, unleaded and LPGfuels and provides exceptional anti-wear protection compared to lower specification oils.

Lubex Autolube 15w/50 Features & Benefits –

  • Engine cleanliness 60% cleaner than SF rated oils
  • Fast flow at cold temperature starting.
  • Protection for high temperatures.
  • Protection from piston deposits.
  • Cleaner engines.

Lubex Autolube 15w/50 Specifications –

  • API: SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CD

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