Lubex Autolube 10w/30

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Lubex Autolube 10/30 (SN/CF) is the pinnacle of protection and performance for professional workshops. This top-of-the-line engine oil is manufactured with the most cutting-edge synthetic technology base oils. It fulfils or surpasses API SN/CF criteria and is suited for most types of petrol and four-stroke diesel engines, even those with narrow clearances and those running in the harshest and most diverse situations, such as high-temperature highway driving or low-temperature stop-and-go driving.

Lubex Autolube 10/30 (SN/CF) is especially perfect for cold starting scenarios because of its exceptional low-temperature fluidity qualities, and it extends engine life by reducing wear rates by up to 20% for cams and 13% for bearings when compared to older grade engine oils.

Lubex Autolube 10w/30 Features –

  • Autolube SN/CF 10W/30 is the ultimate in protection and performance
  • Fast Flow at cold temperature starting.
  • Protection for high temperatures.
  • Protection from piston deposits.
  • Cleaner engines.

Lubex Autolube 10w/30 Specifications –

  • API: SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CD

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