Lubex Mower 30 Horticultural Oil

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The Lubex Mower 30 is a well proven monograde engine oil for 4-stroke petrol (lawn mowers) and normally aspirated diesel engines. It meets and exceeds the API service classifications SG/CD and gives improved protection resistance against engine wear, high temperature oxidation deposits to engines of vintage cars, where high viscosity and low additive oils are required.

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205Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • Minimises wear – a balanced combination of new type anti-wear additives imparts high film strength and low friction between all moving parts.
  • Oil pressure maintained – thermal degradation with the accompanying viscosity decrease does not occur therefore ensuring positive full oil flow to all vital engine parts by the oil pump.
  • Rust and corrosion resistant – protection by special alkali reserve additives neutralises those acidic corrosive combustion products which have been scavenged past the rings. Rust inhibitors overcome the rust prone condensation tendencies in cooling engines after engine shut-down.


  • API SG/ CD
  • US Military Specification MIL-L-46152B