Lubex TorqTrans HY 10w/20 Tractor Transmission Oil

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The Lubex TorqTrans HY 10w/20 is a new generation of hydraulic/transmission universal tractor transmission oil (UTTO) designed for a wide range of power driven agricultural equipment fitted with gears, transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic bearings, wet brakes, and power take-off (PTO) clutches.

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205Ltr, 20Ltr

Features & Benefits

  • It will improve the performance in many off-road applications, particularly in service which places tough demands on power driven components including off-highway, construction machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Filterability is superior to competitive fluids as it overcomes the tendency of filter plugging, particularly where other fluids being used contain traces of moisture contamination.


  • Massey Ferguson MF 1127B
  • Case-IH MS 1207/ 1209 (and earlier specifications)
  • Vickers Pump 35VQ-25
  • Ford 7710 Brake Chatter (pass)