Lubex MasterGear RR50 Gear Oil



Lubex Mastergear RR50 is a mineral-based blended oil designed for use in Road Ranger gears as well as automotive and industrial applications that do not require severe pressure qualities. The low pour point and high viscosity index provide a strong, highly sticky layer that protects gear teeth and bearings from wear.

Where the manufacturer recommends API service GL-1 or GL-2 gear oil, The Lubex Mastergear RR50 can be used. It may be used to lubricate different manual transmissions in moderate gear oil applications on commercial, agricultural, and truck equipment, as well as some spiral bevel axle assemblies and worm gear drives.

Lubex MasterGear RR50 Gear Oil Features & Benefits –

  • Blended oil for use in Road ranger gearboxe
  • Premium mineral based, SAE 50 grade gear oil
  • High viscosity index with low pour point

Lubex MasterGear RR50 Gear Oil Specifications –

  • GL-1, GL-2
  • Gear Oil Viscosity Classification: SAE 90
  • Engine Oil Viscosity Classification: SAE 50

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