Lubex Bio-Farm Cleanse



The Lubex Bio-Farm Cleanse is a multi-purpose, high foaming, detergent degreaser suitable for the cleaning and sanitizing of all on and off-road vehicles and agricultural machinery. In keeping with industry standards, IE “Come Clean Go Clean”, the Lubex Bio-Farm Cleanse has been specifically formulated to aid the removal of dirt/mud, plant matter and other pest carrying soils from agriculture equipment, farm vehicles and is also ideally suited for use in footbaths.

The Lubex Bio-Farm Cleanse generates a dense rich foam that helps with removal and a unique additive package and premium wetting agent to ensure optimum cleaning results. Testing has been done and trials showed a 99.8% success rate in both the soil infestation and laboratory test plate programs against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Vasinfectum, the pathogen causes Fusarium Wilt of cotton.

For best results, it should be sprayed or foamed onto the equipment, agitated, left to dwell for a short period of time then rinsed clean with high pressure water.

Dilution Rates:

Agricultural Equipment & Small Vehicles – use at 10% concentration

Engine Cleaning – use at 20% to 50% concentration

Pressure Washer – use neat in detergent feed tanks

Footbath – use at 10% concentration

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Features & Benefits

  • Premium wetting agent (optimum soil penetration and removal).
  • Quick break (compatible with modern effluent equipment).
  • Non-corrosive (safe on all metals).
  • Concentrated (economical to use).
  • High Foaming (increased contact time with contaminated surfaces).