Lubex Hydraulic ISO – 22, 32, 46, 68 Hydraulic Oils

  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Rapid air release
  • High quality mineral oil


The Lubex Hydraulic ISO – 22, 32, 46 & 68 are blended from severely hydro-treated base oils and the highest quality additives, producing a far superior hydraulic oil compared to conventional mineral base oils.

Recommended for the lubrication of a wide range of equipment where high rust and oxidation resistance, anti-wear properties, foam resistance and excellent demulsibility are required.

The exceptional performance of the anti-wear additives in the important areas of high-speed/ high-pressure pump protection, anti-rust and corrosion, thermal and oxidative stability and filtering ability provides a cost-effective lubricant that reduces equipment downtime. It is particularly suited to all types of hydraulic systems and pumps operating at high speeds.

Lubex Hydraulic ISO – 22, 32, 46, 68 Hydraulic Oils Features –

  • The premium rust, oxidation and foam inhibitors included, together with superior anti-wear additives and demulsifiers promote excellent cleanliness, longer fluid life, demulsibility and filtering ability even when badly water contaminated.
  • Excellent air release properties minimise compressibility and prevent noisy and erratic operation of equipment.
  • A long charge life is achieved due to the exceptional chemical and thermal stability of the additive components in the finished oil.

Lubex Hydraulic ISO – 22, 32, 46, 68 Hydraulic Oils Specifications –

  • Denison HF-0/ HF-1/ HF-2
  • Vickers M-2950-S/ 1-286-S
  • Cincinatti Milacron P-68/ P-69/ P-70
  • U.S STEEL 127/ 136
  • DIN 51524 Parts 2 & 3

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1000Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 32, 1000Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 46, 1000Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 68, 205Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 22, 205Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 32, 205Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 46, 205Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 68, 20Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 22, 20Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 32, 20Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 46, 20Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 68, 5Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 32, 5Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 46, 5Ltr – Lubex Hydraulic ISO 68