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Lubricon’s Bio Hydraulic oils are fully formulated anti-wear, environment friendly, non-toxic lubricants designed to withstand high pressure and temperature. They are made out of fully saturated selected synthetic and easily biodegradable esters along with strong, environmentally friendly combination of additives. Biodegradable hydraulic oils are used whererever there is the danger of hydraulic lubricant leaking into the ground or waste water. They are used in equipment used in sewage plants, dredgers, pipes and tunnels, hydraulic aggregates in fields and forest, earth moving equipment operating in water and forest tools that operate in environmenttally sensitive areas around the globe.

Bio hydraulic oils tend to show a much better oxidation stability at high temperatures when compared to oils/lubricants based on vegetable triglycerides and unsaturatedd esters.

Lubricon’s Biodegradable Hydraulic oils complies with all technical minimum rerquirements according to VDMA 24568 and ISO 15380. These Bio hydraulic oils are also marked with the Ecolabel of the European Union, reg. no. DE/027/079 which also deems these oils as renewable raw materials.

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KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 22, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 22-S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 32, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 32-S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 46, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 46 S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 46-S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 68, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 68-S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 68-S, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HETG 32, KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HETG 46