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Lubricon’s Biodegradable grease are environment friendly, non-toxic, highly adhesive and readily biodegradable. Biodegradable greases are special greases that are saponified with lithium. Our bio greases provide a credible alternative that can rival the performance of greases based on mineral oils in many cases. These greases are specially formulated for applications where protection of the environment is essential. They are used in various applications ranging from ships, harbour equipment, construction equipment, mobile and stationary equipment, drill pipes, roller bearings, screw couplings, wheel flanges for railway tracks, etc.

Lubricon’s Bio greases also guarantee a superior stability to oxidation than that of raw vegetable oils. All greases can be offered in grades NLGI 000 to NLGI 3. The viscosity may vary according to the target application from <15 cSt to 460 cSt.

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KAJO-BIO Chain Grease H.V, KAJO-BIO-Longlife Grease LZR 2, KAJO-BIO-Marinegrease 320, KAJO-BIO-Railgrease 601, KAJO-BIO-Tieftemperatur-Fließfett G