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Lubricon’s Bio gear oils are environment friendly, readily biodegradable, non-toxic, thermally stable and designed to withstand extreme pressure. These biodegradable gear oils are made of fully saturated synthetic esters, which are easily biodegradable for all applications where a gear oil CLP according to DIN 51517, part 3 is stipulated. An Environment friendly additivation of these biodegradable gear oil was developed to increase aging stability, corrosion protection and lubricating properties. Our Biodegradable gear oils are developed for applications in the field of industrial gears, where leakages and with it pollutions of the environment may occur. These gear oils have proved to be very efficient with lubricating chains and ropes.

Lubricon’s Bio gear oils mix with mineral oils with ease and are also water insoluble. However, mixing these gear oils with mineral oils is to be avoided as this may affect the performance of these gear oils. A limit of 2% has been specified.

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KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 100, KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 150, KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 220, KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 320, KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 460, KAJO-BIO-Getriebeöl SE 68