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Lubricon’s bio chainsaw oils are made of specially treated vegetable oils. These oils contain additives based on natural raw materials which considerably improve behaviour in the mixed friction area. Our biodegradable chain saw oils are environment friendly, highly resistent to shear and have a high viscosity index and flash point. They also provide better safety for users – A chainsaw operates at a very high RPM which results in oil misting; this can potentially affect users either through dermal absorption or inhalation. Biodegradable chainsaw oil has high viscous levels with anti-fling properties, which significantly reduce the inhalation of fumes by users.

Our Bio chainsaw oils are used in many applications such as lubrication of fast running motor and electric saws for all types of wood, lubrication of saw frames in saw mills, etc. Addition of anti-oxidants to these biodegradable chainsaw oils can lead to a prolonged service life.

Our Bio chainsaw oils are made from nearly 100% renewable raw materials and does not affect surface and ground water as it is completely and easily biodegradable.

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KAJO-Adhesive Oil for Saw Chains BIO 2050, KAJO-BIO Adhesive Oil for Saw Chains 2000, KAJO-BIO-Sägegatterhaftöl ISO 320, KAJO-BIO-Sägegatterhaftöl ISO 460, KAJO-BIO-Sägekettenhaftöl LB 100