What are Biodegradable Lubricants?

Synthetic and Biodegradable Lubricants The history of synthetic lubricants dates back to the 19th century, even before the discovery of the internal combustion engine. They quickly became an essential part of military and industrial applications in the early 20th [...]

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Lubex Screw in Cartridges

PREMIUM ROCK BREAKER GREASE An aluminium complex grease, designed specifically for lubricating hydraulic hammers in the earthmoving and demolition industries. With almost 21% lubricating solids, this grease is unparalleled for extreme pressure and extreme temperature applications. Screw in cartridges [...]

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lubricon lubricants base oil group

Understanding Base Oils

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has categorized base oils into five categories (API 1509, Appendix E). The first three groups are refined from petroleum crude oil. Group IV base oils are full synthetic (polyalphaolefin) oils. Group V is for [...]

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foodgrade lubricants

Understanding Foodsafe Lubricants

Food-grade lubricants such as FoodSafe must perform the same technical functions as any other lubricant: provide protection against wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation, dissipate heat and transfer power, be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials as well as [...]

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