Lubex Premium Rock Breaker Grease

  • Type: Aluminium Complex
  • Colour: Copper
  • NLGI: 2


The Lubex Premium Rock Breaker Grease is an aluminium complex grease, designed specifically for lubricating hydraulic hammers in the earthmoving and demolition industries. With almost 21% lubricating solids, this grease is unparalleled for extreme pressure and extreme temperature applications.

Lubricating the hammer chisel and wear bushings may be the single most important maintenance item on any make of hydraulic hammer. Extreme temperatures and extreme loads dictate the need of a lubricant robust enough not to melt and substantial enough to resist vibrating down the shank of the tool during operation.

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180kg, 2.5kg, 20kg, 450g

Features & Benefits

  • Superior lubrication for hydraulic hammers.
  • Exceptional mechanical stability.
  • Excellent oxidation stability provides lasting lubrication at high temperatures.
  • Excellent extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear performance to minimise wear.
  • 21% moly/graphite & copper solids.